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Pawlo Humeniuk - King Of The Ukrainian Fiddlers

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CD 7025

Pawlo Humeniuk was one of the major fiddlers of his time. These recordings, made between 1925 and 1927, reflect Ukrainian village life with skits, kolomyikas and dance tunes that commemorate wedding and wedding-related activities.

1. Oi Ia Sobi Kozak Lepkii
2. I Ia Toe Divcha Liubliu
3. Iak Zachuiu Kolomyiku
4. Ukrainske Wesilia (Pt.1) (Wedding)
5. Ukrainske Wesilia (Pt.2) (Wedding)
6. Winkopletyny (Garland Weaving Ceremony)
7. Zaruczyny (Engagement Celebration)
8. Poprawiny (Pt.1) (Party After The Wedding)
9. Poprawiny (Pt.2) (Party After The Wedding)
10. Czaban (The Shepherd)
11. Hutzulka (Hutsul Dance)
12. Hraj, Abo Hroszi Widdaj
13. Tanec Pid Werbamy
14. Oj Kozacze Bilousyj
15. Na Wesiliu, Pry Weczeri
16. Chrestyny (Pt.1) (Christening)
17. Chrestyny (Pt.2) (Christening)
18. Oj Pidu Ja Szicher Wicher
19. Oj Tam Za Lisom (Beyond The Forest)
20. Na Wesiliu Pid Chatoju
21. Wals Bandura (Bandura Waltz)
22. Do Poczajewa Na Widpust
23. Dumka Y Kolomyika


“For collectors of authentic ethnic fiddling, another country heard from. Humeniuk, an energetic and accomplished fiddler, is well backed on these 23 tracks by trombone, clarinet, piano, lyra, accordion, cymbal (a rustically tuned hammered dulcimer), string bass, bandura, and lots more.

The tunes shake down into major-key tunes,which often wheeze and oom-pah with Teutonic complacency, and minor/modal tunes, reminiscent of the klezmer bands once popular throughout the Ukraine. In fact the notes point out that one cut here, `Oh, Pidu Ja SzicherWicher,' is also known as `Reb Duvid's Nign.' They state: `this widely known old-time Yiddish dance tune can also be heard on early Polish and Swedish recordings.' ... The most amusing portion of this recording is its series of skits: Ukrainian Wedding, Garland Weaving Ceremony, Party After the Wedding . These 78s dramatized old world celebrations, complete with toasts, tears, jokes, and music. Humeniuk and instrumentalists backed comic actor Ewgen Zukowsky and `superbly cracked-voice singer' Nasza Roza Kresnowska. A sample routine The Christening: `The curtains open with a discussion by the god-parents on the merits of cooking with chicken or pike. Church bells summon them to the baptism as they argue over naming the baby boy: Father prefers Ivan, while Mother insists on Hryts.' While Ewgen has a bit too much fervor to be a George Burns, dear Nasza is a ringer for Gracie Allen and cracks me up though I understand not a word of Ukrainian.

Arhoolie's Chris Strachwitz delights in the backwoods and back-alleys music of unassimilated rural and urban ethnic communities. The classic Arhoolie sound is gnarled and eccentric, full of energy, revelling in rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic anomalies. Turn to Arhoolie for a consoling and inspiring reminder that the world was not always suave and homogenous.”

(Jane Peppler — Sing Out!)