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Orquestas De Cuerdas - The String Bands - Various Artists

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CD 7018

The Orquesta de Cuerda was a "downhome" string band variation of the Orquesta Típica. These string bands appealed more to rural country people and influenced the Texas fiddle bands, such as those of Milton Brown and Bob Wills. The inclusion of the "New Spanish Two Step" by Bill Boyd's Cowboy Ramblers and "Marosovia" by Los Alegres (actually fiddler Ed Belcher with Al Hopkins' Buckle Busters) exemplify this shared sound.

1. El Gato Negro - El Ciego Melquiades
2. Sobre Las Olas - Quinteto Tipico Mexicano
3. No Te Ruborices - Orquesta De La Familia Ramos
4. La Paloma - Eulalio Sanchez Y Su Quinteto Mexicano
5. A Mi Juana - Cuarteto Carta Blanca
6. El Charro - Quinteto Los Desvelados
7. Tamaulipeco - Trovadores Tamaulipecos
8. Ay Te Va De Canto - El Trio Crudo
9. Al La Orilla De Un Palomar - Trio Alegra
10. Anhelando - Trio Alegre
11. La Maestrita - Cuarteto De Cuerdo D F. Facio
12. Carino - Cuarteto De Cuerdo D F. Facio
13. De Aquella Crena - Trio Alegre
14. El Podel Del Amor - Trio Alegre
15. La Bola - Cuarteto Monterrey
16. Panchita - Familia Mendoza
17. Jesusita En Chihuahua - Quinteto De Los Desvelados
18. Marosovia - Los Alegres
19. La Repingona - Santiago Morales
20. Porque Eres Ansina - Trio Alamo
21. Andale, Vamos Platicando - Medina River Boys
22. Maria Chritina - El Ciego Melquiades
23. Jalisco Nunca Pierde - El Ciego Melquiades
24. Se Murio La Cucaracha - Lydia Mendoza
25. Montana - Mariachi Tapatio De Juan Marmolejo
26. New Spanish Two Step - Bill Boyd's Cowboy Ramblers


“This is border music from Texas and Mexico, volume 5 in a series, and it is subtitled, 'The End of a Tradition (1926-38)' as this string bqand music was being overwhelmed by the accordion and other innovations. Of the 26 gems contained here, only 6 are a holdover from the similar 1976 vinyl issue. Chris Strachwitz' notes are very informative and only add to this lucious package. One of my favorites, The Blind Melquiades (from San Antonio) vigorously fiddles on 3 selections and the Queen of this region, Lydia Mendoza, can be found on a pair of tasty treats. The music is quite varied and nicely programmed as well. Again bravos to the Arhoolie label for issuing such an important, educational, and entertaining set.”

(Kerry Blech — Victory Review)