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Lydia Mendoza - Vida Mia

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CD 7008

Known as the “Songstress of the Poor”, Lydia Mendoza captivated and inspired her fellow Tejanos of south Texas with her songs of love, betrayal, and hardship. These early recordings (1934-39) of boleros, tangos and canciones will hit home for the lovelorn in any language. With the exception of a few recordings with her family (on which she plays the violin,) Lydia accompanies herself with the rich lonesome sound of her 12 string guitar.

1. Cosas Que Suceden - (bolero-son)
2. Todo Por Ti - (tango)
3. Cuando Tu Me Quieras - (cancion)
4. Plegaria - (vals)
5. Novillero - (paso doble)
6. La Bamba - (rumba)
7. Vida Mia - (danza)
8. Dices Bien Mio - (vals)
9. La Pollita - (tonado)
10. No Puedo Dejar De Querete - (cancion)
11. As De Corazones - (bolero cancion)
12. Dime Mal Hombre - (tango cancion)
13. Amor Sin Esperanza - (danza)
14. Pobrecita De Mi Alma - (bolero clave)
15. Fue Mentira (Mentirosa) - (cancion)
16. Lejos - (tango)
17. Ojos Tristes - (cancion)
18. Temo - (cancion clave)
19. Tengo A Mi Lupe - (cancion)
20. Lamento Borincano - (danzon)
21. Lejos De Ti - (vals cancion)
22. No Sabes Comprender - (tango)
23. La China - (huapango)
24. Maria, Maria - (cancion)
25. El Coco - (cancion)


“These are her earliest recordings, but each one reveals why she is considered one of the most important figures in Mexican-American and Tejano music.”

(Meredith Ochs — Spectator Magazine)


“Considered one of the most important figures in Mexican-American and Tejano music, Mendoza has made a most significant contribution to American folk music. Passed down through several family generations, Mendoza's music is truly a folk tradition which she has preserved for future generations.”

(Arriba — Art & Business News)