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Greek-Oriental Rebetica Songs & Dances - Various Artists

Cod.artículo: 7005

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CD 7005

Reissue of historic 78s edited, annotated and from the collection of Prof. Martin Schwartz. CD includes 24-page booklet with history, song lyrics, photos, etc.

1. Zmirneikos Balos - Marika Papagika
2. Gazeli Mustaar - Yorghos Papasidheris
3. Aidhiniko (Instrumental) - Dhimitrios Semsis
4. Sabah Manes - Stratos Payumdzis
5. Ta Hanumakya - Rita Abadzi
6. Susta Politiki - Andonis Dalgas
7. Mangiko - Andonis Dalgas
8. Neva Hedzaz - Marika Kanaropulu
9. Yati Fumaro Kokaini - Roza Eskenazi
10. Usak-Tsifte-Teli Manes - Roza Eskenazi
11. Tsifte-Telli (Instrumental) - Dhimitrios Semsis
12. Aidhinikos Horos - Marika Papagika
13. Gazeli Neva Sabah - Rita Abadzi
14. Trava Re (Manga Ke) Alani - Roza Eskenazi
15. Hedzaz Neva Manes - Haralambos Panayis
16. Tis Ksenityas O Ponos - Andonis Dalgas
17. Burnovalio-Sirto (Instrumental) - Yanis Oghdhondakis
18. Gyuzel Sabah Manes - Yorghos Papasidheris
19. Ise Pondos - Rita Abadzi
20. Zmirneikomanes - Yangos Psamatyalis
21. Hyotikos Manes - Yangos Psamatylis



“This is a seminal record of early rebetica, also known as `Greek Blues,' featuring violin, guitar, oud and a variety of stringed instruments (cembalo, lyre) accompanying some of the most impassioned and beautiful vocals ever recorded. Rebetica, like American country blues, was the music of the lower classes in Greece and Asia Minor and was concerned with lost love, impending death, hashish, sex, prison, gambling and other pursuits of the underworld, often played in dance rhythms. The performances are astounding; even though this was characterized as urban music, the closest equivalent is probably the classic delta blues of Mississippi or early Cajun music from the same period. The performers on this compilation were from Asia Minor, and generally were professional musicians and singers. They range from the breathtaking control and passion of Aldonis Delgas (one of the greatest singers of this century) to the lovely heartbreaking wails of Marika Papagika. Nearly every performance is a masterpiece; the communication of emotion is very direct. The style is accessible and this must be a harvest of some of the finest sides. Can't be recommended enough.”

(Don Kent — Shanachie Review)


“Over 70 minutes of wondrous Greek music fill this disk, the Smyrna style of rebetica played by virtuoso musicians and singers of Greek Heritage who perfected their art in Turkey before being expelled to Greece in the early part of the century. The gutsy singing of Rósa Eskenázi, Rita Abadzi and Marika Papagika and the spectacular fiddling of Gus Papagikos and Dhimitrios Sémsis alone make this a must-have item. The package includes intriguing photos and entertaining and informative notes by Prof. Martin Schwartz. Sound quality is exceptional too. Highest recommendation.”

(Kerry Blech — Victory Review)