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Banda Salvatierra - Esta Noche Tu Vendras

CAT. #: 6001

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CD 6001

1. Rosita De Olivo
2. Te Prometido
3. Esta Noche Tu Vendras
4. El Guanajuatense
5. Vida Truncada
6. Por Que No Fui Tu Amigo
7. Caminos De Guanajuato
8. La Botella
9. Rayando El Sol
10. Anillo Grabado

Banda Salvatierra is a fine, young, popular 13 piece banda (brass band) from Northern California with vocals in the Banda Sinaloense tradition.


“Banda Salvatierra is a popular Bay Area banda that will often gig three times an evening to satisfy the demand.  It plays a variety of ranchera, polkas, cumbias, and waltzes, while the brass players, especially the tuba, mount a stinging, staccato attack that provides a choppy, rhythmic pulse.

In the midst of this heavy, low brass splattering and fluttering wind instrumentation, an unnamed vocalist sings passionately, not on top of this nonstop activity, but as a peer alongside it.”

–Dan Willging, Dirty Linen

CD 6001
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