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Beausoleil With Michael Doucet - Hot Chili Mama

Cod.artículo: 5040

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CD 5040

Michael Doucet - fiddle & vocals with Beausoleil.

The title cut of this CD was once featured in nationwide advertising by Maalox which brought this joyful sound into millions of homes, many of which may wonder who the band is!

1. Acadian Two-Step
2. Les Bons Temps Rouler Waltz
3. Joe Pitre's So Bad
4. Canray's Contredanse
5. La Chanson De Cinquante Sous
6. Je Veux Me Marier
7. Chanson De Sagesse
8. Hot Chili Mama
9. Je Suis Marie Avec Une, Mais En Amour Avec Un Autre
10. The Mosquito That Ate Up My Sweetheart In New Iberia Polka
11. Grand Mallet
12. Belle
13. Oberlin Two-Step


“Like Los Lobos, Michael Doucet's Cajun rock and roll band, Beausoleil, has its roots deep in traditional music, but makes a very contemporary sound. Ranging from blazing dance floor rockers like 'Acadian Two-Step' to a haunting a capella version of an ancient folksong, 'Chanson de Sangesse,' this charming recording may well be Beausoleil's best to date. Excellent notes include lyric translations and historical info on the songs.”

(Michael Goodwin — East Bay Express)

“Michael Doucet is a demon fiddler and the premier Cajun music preservationist; his efforts with this group as well as Marc and Ann Savoy have almost single-handedly regenerated the form and brought it to a worldwide audience. 'Hot Chili Mama' features new member Pat Breaux, on accordion and saxophone. His blowing and the plus of his triple-row Zydeco accordion gives Beausoleil's sound a bluesy kick. The rest of the group is in expert form, waltzing and jumping along with great spirit. And through it all rides Doucet's fantastic wail, a voice like no other, a kind of metaphor for joy.”

(Ann Powers — Calendar Magazine)