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Clifton Chenier - 60 Minutes With The King Of Zydeco

CAT. #: 301


CD 301 Clifton Chenier - vocals and accordion with the Red Hot Louisiana Band . 15 of his best selling singles from his ten Arhoolie LPs. 1.... More

Clifton Chenier - Bogalusa Boogie

CAT. #: 347


2011 GRAMMY HALL OF FAME INDUCTEE Compact Disc 347 The GRAMMY Hall Of Fame was created to honor recordings of lasting qualitative or... More

Clifton Chenier - Bon Ton Roulet

CAT. #: 345


CD 345 Clifton Chenier - accordion & vocals and his band. All of Clifton's 2nd ARH LP 1031 from 1966 with Morris Chenier on fiddle who was on... More

Clifton Chenier - King Of The Bayous

CAT. #: 339


CD 339 Clifton Chenier - vocals and accordion with Cleveland Chenier - rubboard; Robert Peter (St. Judy) - drums; Joe Morris (Brochet) - bass;... More

Clifton Chenier - Live! At The Long Beach And San Francisco Blues Festivals

CAT. #: 404


CD 404 Clifton Chenier — accordion & vocals with The Red Hot Louisiana Band: Cleveland Chenier — rubboard; Robert St. Judy... More

Clifton Chenier - Louisiana Blues And Zydeco

CAT. #: 9053


CD 9053 Clifton Chenier was the undisputed King of Zydeco, and the man who literally invented the genre. He took Louisiana's rural Creole music from... More

Clifton Chenier - Sings The Blues

CAT. #: 9041


CD 9041 Clifton Chenier came out of the French-Creole culture of Southwest Louisiana and put Zydeco music on the world's map of musical delights.... More

Clifton Chenier - The Best Of Clifton Chenier

CAT. #: 474


CD 474 In the history of popular and vernacular music it is usually hard to pinpoint the genesis of a new genre or style on one particular... More

Clifton Chenier - The King Of Zydeco Live At Montreux, Switzerland

CAT. #: 355


CD 355 Clifton Chenier — accordion & vocals; Cleveland Chenier — rubboard; Robert St. Judy — drums; Joe Morris —... More

Clifton Chenier - Zydeco Sont Pas Sale

CAT. #: 9001


CD 9001 This 15 selection program is pure Creole French, all sung in patois, drawn from various Chenier Arhoolie CDs in our $10.00 mid-line series. 1.... More

Country Negro Jam Session - Various Artists

CAT. #: 372


CD 372 This collection, of informal recordings of rural African American folk music and songs, was taped mostly in the homes of several of the singers... More

Dr. Ross - Boogie Disease

CAT. #: 371


CD 371 Isaiah “Doctor” Ross — vocals, guitar, and harmonica with various accompani-ments. Dr. Ross, “The Harmonica... More

Earl Hooker - The Moon Is Rising

CAT. #: 468


CD 468 , considered an essential blues classic and an all-time bestseller. This CD features an impressive line-up of musicians who collaborated with... More

Earl Hooker - Two Bugs And A Roach

CAT. #: 324


CD 324 Earl Hooker : vocals & guitar with Freddie Roulette, Louis Myers, Joe Willie Perkins, Carey Bell, etc. Recorded in 1968 & 1969, some... More

Elizabeth Cotten - Live!

CAT. #: 477


CD 477 Elizabeth Cotten was the author of the folk classic “Freight Train,” at age 12, and other standards such as “Babe It Ain't No... More

George Coleman - Bongo Joe

CAT. #: 1040


CD 1040 A crazed, primal record, Bongo Joe is a deserved cult classic; beating wildly on oil drums, George Coleman delivers bizarre raps including... More

Guitar Slim And Jelly Belly - Carolina Blues

CAT. #: 460


CD 460 Pure authentic country blues in the East Coast tradition from guitarists and singers Alex Seward and “Fat Boy” Hayes, billed as... More

Howard Armstrong - Louie Bluie Film Soundtrack CD

CAT. #: 470


CD 470 “Louie Bluie” is the soundtrack to the film by Terry Zwigoff ("Ghost World", "Bad Santa", Crumb"...) which documents the musical and... More

HowellDevine - Jumps, Boogies & Wobbles

CAT. #: 544


# 544- The LP version is here! This 12 inch vinyl LP is a very limited edition of 500 copies. The cover by John Seabury looks spectacular! "How... More

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HowellDevine - Modern Sounds of Ancient Juju

CAT. #: 550


CD 550 "HowellDevine plays The Music with the original feel and intent and spirit, and you can tell they love the music while delivering some real... More

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