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Hampton Institute Quartet & Sextet - Between 1937 & 1942

Cod.artículo: CDDOC5628


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5628 Bonus Tracks, remaining titles of Harmony 4, Richard Huey, & Royal Harmonaires

Jerry Hahn And His Quintet - Jerry Hahn & His Quintet

Cod.artículo: 9011


CD 9011 Download a song or the album from: or Featuring: Jerry Hahn - Guitar, Michael White - Violin, Noel Jewkes - Sax & Flute,... More

Johnny Otis & His Orchestra - Spirit Of The Black Territory Bands

Cod.artículo: 384


CD 384 Download a song or the album from: or Johnny Otis - piano/vibes (drums and vocal on `Margie'); Nicky Otis - drums; Shuggie Otis -... More

Lester Young - Volume 1 (1939-1947)

Cod.artículo: CDNW2035


Neat Work Compact Disc CDNW2035 The Alternative Takes in Chronological Order. This CD was released in Austria by Neat Works who were going to issue all... More


Cod.artículo: LPRST2071


R.S.T. (Blues Documents) 2071 These are out of print imported 12 inch, vinyl LPs from Austria and Germany of American Blues and Jazz. They are mostly not... More

Oscar "Papa" Celestin's Tuxedo Jazz Band - 1950's Radio Broadcasts

Cod.artículo: 7024


  CD 7024 Download a song or the album from: or Papa Celestin - vocals and trumpet; Bill Mathews - trombone; Alphonse Picou -... More

Pachuco Boogie - Various Artists

Cod.artículo: 7040


CD 7040 Download a song or the album from: or The original recordings of hip, swinging, Latin music from the southwest of the 1940's! During... More

Rebirth Jazz Band - Here to Stay

Cod.artículo: 9002


CD 9002 Kermit Ruffins - trumpet; Gardner Ray Green - trumpet; Keith Anderson - trombone; Reginald Stewart - trombone; Philip Frazier -... More

Sammy Rimington - Visits New Orleans

Cod.artículo: 532


CD 532 Download a song or the album from: or When it comes to traditional New Orleans Jazz, British-born Sammy Rimington has long been my... More

Sister Shirley Sydnor & Eric Trauner - IÂ’ll Fly Away

Cod.artículo: CDDOC7004


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC7004 Songs I Heard My Mother Sing, 1998

Sister Shirley Sydnor & Her New Orleans All Stars - The Old Time Way

Cod.artículo: CDDOC7003


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC7003 Recorded May 25 - June 3, 1998

Smiley Winters - Smiley Etc.

Cod.artículo: 9033


CD 9033 Download a song or the album from: or Smiley Winters : drums on all tracks. Barbara Donald : trumpet on 1, 2, 3 & 5. Bert... More

Sonny Simmons - Manhattan Egos

Cod.artículo: 483


CD 483 Download a song or the album from: or Sonny Simmons is one of the greats on the avant garde or free jazz scene and has recently made... More

Sonny Simmons trio - Live In Paris

Cod.artículo: 506


CD 506 Download a song or the album from: or Two CD set for the price of one. Recorded Live at the Club La Ville, Paris, 1994. "Paris was... More

The New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra - Creole Belles

Cod.artículo: 420


CD 420 Download a song or the album from: or Lars Edegran - piano, banjo , guitar and leader; William Russell - violin; Lionel Ferbos -... More

The Treme Brass Band - Gimme My Money Back

Cod.artículo: 417


CD 417 Download a song or the album from: or The Tremè Brass Band plays the music of a people. The people in New Orleans who know how... More

Tiny Parham - Tiny Parham & The Blues Singers

Cod.artículo: CDDOC5341


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5341 1926-28

Zipflo Weinrich Group - DigginÂ’ Thru Jazz

Cod.artículo: CDDOC7007


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC7007 Brilliant jazz fiddle player