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Train Don't Leave Me - Various Artists

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CD 489

For the first time in the nearly 100-year history of the House of God Holiness Pentecostal Church, steel guitarists, musicians and singers gathered for two days of workshops, showcases and concerts. Free from the constraints of a church service, where they normally function to help the minster fill the congregation with the Holy Spirit, the stell guitarists played with unbridled passion as emerging young artists shared their music with venerated masters of this vibrant musical tradition.

1. Something's Got A Hold Of Me - Dante Harmon
2. God Is A Good God - Bryan Josh Taylor
3. Precious Lord Take My Hand - Bryan Josh Taylor
4. Have You Tried Jesus? - Calvin Cooke
5. Since I Laid My Burden Down - Calvin Cooke
6. Train Don't Leave Me - Aubrey Ghent
7. I Feel Like Praising Him - Glenn Lee & Roosevelt Collier
8. Will The Circle Be Unbroken - Lonnie Big Ben Bennett
9. See What The End Gonna Be - Lonnie Big Ben Bennett
10. I Want To Go Where Jesus Is - Maurice Ted Beard Jr.
11. All God's Children - Elton Noble
12. I Feel Like Pressing My Way - Robert Randolph
13. Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Aubrey Ghent
14. What's His Name?...Jesus! - The Campbell Brothers/Katie Jackson


“On the weekend of March 31, 2000, the Holy Spirit descended upon Winter Park, Florida in the form of an electrified steel-guitar. Enlightenment came for both the sacred and secular in the searing exclamations and subterranean rumblings from hot-handed lap-steel and pedal-steel "preachers." It was there that the First Annual "Sacred Steel" Convention convened to allow these masters to play outside of supporting Sunday services at their Holiness Pentecostal churches. Recorded undeniably "live" before spirited audiences at afternoon showcases and evening concerts, Train Don't Leave Me captures 12 steelers (from venerated elders to emerging yong turks) supported by sidemen and frequent vocalists. Each has his own way of taming their beast: from Dante Harmon who powers his flight with wah to Robert Randolph who uniquely tumbles rapid-fire somersaults down his custom 13-stringer with liquid fluidity out to Aubrey Ghent who can just as easily surf on the pulse-quickening tension that he builds and sustains as he can serenely coax out steely vocalizations. "Ted" Beard percolates in a slow mantra-layered shuffle for the sublime "I Want To Go Where Jesus Is." Glenn Lee and his 17-year old protégé Roosevelt Collier double flank "I Feel Like Praising Him" with pedal-steels. The Campbell Brothers (with belter Katie Jackson) turn "What's His Name?... Jesus!" into an outright frenzy. A thick booklet serves well as guide, being stuffed with guru Robert Stone's notes and photos galore. Just as vital as its five predecessor albums within Arhoolie's "Sacred Steel" series (see www.arhoolie.com).”

(Dennis Rozanski — Bluesrag)