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Sonny Treadway - Jesus Will Fix It

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CD 462

Sonny Treadway opened the CD “SACRED STEEL Guitar” with some haunting instrumental steel guitar pieces. Here he is heard in a full program of incredible performances accompanied by his favorite guitar player, Ronnie Mozee, who came down from Michigan to be on the record with Sonny. Gainesville, Florida drummer Derick Glenn furnished solid “church style” backing to these guitar improvisations.

“. . . Sonny Treadway, a phenomenally soulful player, whose moaning, bowling instrumentals sound like Ry Cooder or Eric Clapton might in their dreams . . .”

— Boston Globe

1. Jesus Will Fix It For You
2. Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine
3. How I Got Over
4. Lord I Put My Trust In You
5. Create In Me A Clean Heart
6. No, Never Alone
7. Praise In Remembrance Of Bishop Lorenzo
8. Hallelujah Anyhow
9. When I've Gone The Last Mile Of The Way
10. I Read That Letter
11. Precious Lord, Take My Hand
12. Holy, Holy, Holy


“...12 robust instrumentals, each bearing the tell-tale aural fingerprint of Sonny Treadway. Although his left hand never lingers or relies on the screaming ‘high’ strings, his full use of all eight strings on his home-concocted beast never fails to drive each piece on Jesus Will Fix It! with a cool burn. Treadway’s uncanny knack for relying on the ‘low’ strings as part of his signature can send you scurrying to check credits for the phantom third guitarist or for the maker of those interwoven fretless-bass runs. This talent provides amazing results throughout, but with maximum effect in the high-low call-and-response solos that are interlocked on ‘How I Got Over’ and in the alternating runs on the equally propulsive ‘Praise In Remembrance Of Bishop Lorenzo Harrison.’ The serenity of ‘Lord I Put My Trust In You’ and the lazy slumber of ‘When I’ve Gone The Last Mile Of The Way’ find ballance with the galloping stride of ‘Precious Lord, Take My Hand’ and the jaunt in ‘No, Never Alone.’ The perfect no-frills foil for Treadway’s ever-mobile passages resides in the clean, jazzed ornamentations of Ronnie Mozee’s understated guitar and the added push of Derrick Glen’s drumming. A radical re-interpretation of the electric steel guitar awaits you. ”

-Dennis Rozanski, BluesRag