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Sacred Steel Guitar - Various Artists

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CD 450

This remarkable steel guitar tradition has been popular for many decades in several branches of the House of God, Keith Dominion and Church of the Living God (Jewell Dominion), centered in Florida. The first six selections are instrumentals followed by three vocal cuts by Willie Eason, including a wonderful six minute long praise of the late president Franklin D. Roosevelt. The second half of the CD presents live recordings made during he actual worship services featuring three of the steel guitarists.

1. Don't Let The Devil Ride - Sonny Treadway
2. In The Garden - Sonny Treadway
3. At The Cross - Sonny Treadway
4. Call Him By His Name - Glenn Lee
5. Pass Me Not, Oh Gentle Savior - Glenn Lee
6. Joyful Sounds - Glenn Lee
7. Just A Closer Walk With Thee - Willie Eason
8. Little Wooden Church On A Hill - Willie Eason
9. Franklin D. Roosevelt, A Poor Man's Friend - Willie Eason
10. This Is A Holy Church - Sonny Treadwell
11. At The Cross - Sonny Treadwell
12. Amazing Grace - Sonny Treadwell
13. God Be With You - Sonny Treadwell
14. Closing Prayer - Sonny Treadwell
15. Praise The Lord Everybody - Henry Nelson
16. Amazing Grace - Henry Nelson
17. Praise Music - Aubrey Ghent
18. Father In Jesus' Name - Aubrey Ghent
19. House Of God March - Aubrey Ghent
20. God Be With You - Aubrey Ghent


“For American music fans, it’s a find like a scientist’s discovery of a new species. The steel guitar is central to country music. But no one outside Southern Pentecostal House of God churches had heard of black gospel steel. Robert Stone a Florida folklorist, stumbled onto the haunting sound when a music-store owner told him about a steady stream of African-American customers for steel-guitar supplies. With an NEA grant, Stone made the first ever compilation tape of five gospel steel masters playing at services and revivals. ‘Sacred Steel’ was an instant hit.”
Peter Katel — Newsweek

ldquo;Every weekend some of the most astounding slide players in the world perform at the small Keith and Jewel Dominion churches that are part of the Holiness-Pentecostal movement . . . Sonny Treadway, with his godly accurate left hand and bittersweet tones, swings on a homemade 8-string. Shades of Earl Hooker, Glenn Lee’s ‘Call Him By His Name’ is a bluesy masterpiece on an E9-tuned pedal steel with plenty of volume pedal . . . Aubrey Ghent jumps into the modern era with fancy chicken picking and shivery theremin-like solos. His massive-toned, tear it up version of ‘Praise Music’ is wild beyond description . . . ”
Jas Obrecht — Guitar Player

“. . . Besides being of a separate genre classification, the music is so captivating and melodic that the listener is quickly entranced. Haunting beauty . . . There is so much here to enjoy and experience. A truly rewarding and enlightening collection that opens your eyes, ears and heart to another culture and world so much more peaceful than the society that surrounds it . . . the most important gospel release in years . . .”
Andy Grigg — Real Blues

“. . . Although the players are virtually unknown, they are technical virtuosos whose work range brilliantly over the whole spectrum of American music, from lilting spirituals, gospel to blues, country, rock and even jazz and Hawaiian styles . . . The album starts with Sonny Treadway, a phenomenally soulful player, whose moaning, bowling instrumentals sound like Ry Cooder or Eric Clapton might in their dreams . . . It has been decades since anyone in the secular world has played the electric guitar with this much soul and passion. Deeply rooted and thrilling, this is music for the ages.”
Elijah Wald — The Boston Globe