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The Carter Family - On Border Radio - 1939: Vol. 1

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CD 411

The Carter Family (A.P., Sara, & Maybelle) was the most famous pioneer recording group to come out of the American Country Music scene. These performances come from radio transcriptions made for powerful Mexican border stations beamed to the USA. This CD includes not only some of the Carter Family's best known songs, but also their theme song, introductions, station I.D.s, and a few tunes by the Carter Sisters (Anita, June and Helen - then six, ten and twelve years old!)

1. Carter Family Theme Xet/The Wandering Boy
2. I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home
3. In The Highways
4. Room For You And Me
5. Cumberland Gap (Instrumental)
6. Lonesome Valley
7. Just Another Broken Heart
8. Darling We Are Growing Older
9. The Old Texas Trail
10. Cowboy's Wild Song To His Herd
11. Maple On The Hill
12. New River Train
13. Lover's Lane
14. My Sweethear Is A Poor Working Girl
15. Waves Of The Sea
16. On The Sea Of Galilee
17. The Curtains Of Night
18. Just A Few More Days Of Sorrow
19. Theme Out & XET Station Break
20. Intro & Theme/When Our Lord Shall Come Again
21. The Happiest Days Of All
22. Bye And Bye
23. We Shall Rise
24. Engine 143
25. Jealous Hearted Me
26. Untitled (Instrumental)
27. What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul?
28. Beautiful Brown Eyes
29. Sweet Fern
30. I Have No Loving Mother Now
31. Western Hobo
32. Single Girl
33. I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
34. The Sun's Gonna Shine In My Back Door
35. Give Me The Roses While I Live
36. You Denied Your Love
37. No Telephone In Heaven
38. Theme Out & XET Station Break


“Arhoolie has released The Carter Family on Border Radio: Volume One, an invaluable and previously un-released set of 1939 radio broadcasts originally heard on Station XET, a 'pirate' station on the US/Mexico border.

The Carter family consisted of A.P. Carter, his autoharp-playing wife, Sara, his cousin Maybelle, and various Carter grandchildren. Their repertoire has become the American folk and country songbook: 'Will the Circle Be Unbroken,' 'Worried Man Blues,' 'Keep on the Sunny Side,' (the ultimate recording of which is on this Arhoolie CD), 'Wildwood Flower.”' Their recordings convey an unvarnished sincerity, a fidelity to old-fashioned rural values, and quirky humor . . . Fine vocal harmonies carefully blended with sensitive guitar and autoharp support ensure that all of the Carter Family recordings are a pleasure to hear. What Bach is to classical music or Louis Armstrong is to jazz, the Carters are to country.

And that Carter legacy continues. Maybelle's daughter June (whom you hear in all of her wobbly 10-year-old glory) married Johnny Cash. You know the rest. This is where the history of country music begins.”

(Norman Weinstein — Boston Phoenix)

“. . . Rather than having to travel to Mexico to do their daily program, a transcription of a show, advertisements and all, would be recorded in advance near their Texas winter home and the acetate disk shipped to the station for broadcast. The hour-long Carter Family segment aired nightly as part of the Good Neighbor Get Together program . . . Opening as usual with their theme song 'Keep On The Sunny Side,' emcee Brother Bill Guild guides the listener in near play-by-play fashion through an hour's worth of songs, many of which never appeared on the Carter's commercial recordings . . . In addition to providing background on the family and the story behind the acetates from which this material was taken, the liner notes to this collection provide a condensed, but fascinating history of the whole border radio phenomenon.”

(Dan Ferguson — The Narragansett Times)