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Rose Maddox with the Vern Williams Band - This Is Rose Maddox

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CD 9062

From the video "The Life and Time of Rose Maddox" a film by Gail Waldron.
This video is currently unavailable, but it's a good representation of the music you will hear on this CD, and has a scene from the actual recording session.

Rose Maddox ‚ vocals; Vern Williams ‚ vocals and mandolin; Delbert Williams ‚ vocals and rhythm guitar; Keith Little ‚ vocals and banjo; J.D. Rhynes ‚ bass; Ray Park ‚ fiddle; Kraig Hutchens ‚ electric lead guitar.

Along with her brothers, Rose Maddox, the Queen of West Coast Country Music, defined the California Country Music sound and pioneered rock-a-billy music. By the 1980s country music had abandoned Rose, but she found a new home in Bluegrass Music (she was the first woman to record a bluegrass album). On this 1980 recording, she teamed up with bluegrass legend, the late Vern Williams and his band to record some of her best known songs and best loved bluegrass songs.

1. Philadelphia Lawyer
2. Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me
3. Old Black Choo Choo
4. Single Girl
5. Dark As A Dungeon
6. This Old House
7. Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down
8. Rusty Old Halo
9. Dream Of The Miner's Child
10. Ashes Of Love
11. Silver Threads And Golden Needles
12. Foggy Mountain Top
13. Amazing Grace
14. Rocky Top

“For all bluegrass fans, for all country fans, this is a Drop Everything And Go Get It disc: it just doesn’t get any better than this.  Maddox, 50-something at the time, had all her power, no inhibitions, and a lifetime of singing and showbiz experience going for her, while the Vern Williams Band was not just the top bluegrass band on the West Coast, but one of the top bands, period.”

-Tom Peterson, Victory Review