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Loafers' Glory

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CD 542

With the ever advancing technology in the music process, it’s refreshing to know that one band on the music scene is more into the development of good solid live performances than the pyrotechnics that go with today’s new look at country music and its by-products. Southern California has long been a haven for interested parties trying to find good live bluegrass, folk and blues. In the winter of February 2010, four players decided to form a new group with a direction combining the best of old-time and bluegrass music. These brave hearts have been playing acoustic music for the better part of 45 years, and found that this is indeed the time for another highly skilled acoustic band… Loafers’ Glory.

Herb Pedersen has been involved with bands like The Dillards, The Country Gazette, Old & In The Grey, Chris Hillman with Tony & Larry Rice, Here Today, and Vern & Ray. He also played with The Foggy Mountain Boys for a time, subbing for Earl Scruggs back in the late 60s. Herb also writes an occasional tune when needed.

Bill Bryson has, over the past 40 odd years, loaned his talents to some of the best bands in the business. He’s not only a great upright bass player, but also an accomplished old time banjo player and an amazing singer/songwriter. Oh, and he’s pretty funny too. Bill has recorded and does record with many great talents.

Tom Sauber has been in the forefront of the traditional old-time music scene for more years than he cares to admit. An accomplished fiddle and 5-string banjo player, he has appeared on countless recording projects and movie soundtracks, and has a healthy teaching schedule to boot. Tom’s love of the music has brightened up many sessions and performances with people like Alice Gerrard, Mike Seeger, Dirk Powell and Mark Graham.

Patrick Sauber, Tom’s son, came to essentially the same musical background as his dad. He’s one of those astounding multi-instrumentalists who feels as at home on the 5-string as he does on the mandolin and guitar. Patrick works occasionally with Laurie Lewis, the Bladerunners and now with Loafers’ Glory, adding a punch musically & vocally that everybody’s talking about.

"Unbeatable!" - Mitch Finley, Bluegrass Blabber

Track Listing:
1. Crow, Little Rooster
2. Legend of the Johnson Boys    
3. May You Never Be Alone
4. Let Me Fall
5. Sweet Heaven in my View     
6. Banjo Pickin' Girl

7. I'll Be Alright Tomorrow
8. Milwaukee Blues
9. The New Partner Waltz
10. Just to Ease My Worried Mind
11. Otto Wood, the Bandit
12. Ridin' the L & N
13. Is There Room for Me





“That opening countdown – “1, 2, 3,” zoom! – is just  a short fuse before the motorvating whoosh of “Crow, Little Rooster” starts kicking up gravel. But being left behind in a cloud of barnburner dust is always encouraging when making the acquaintance of a brand new bluegrass band. Meet Loafers’ Glory – that is, if you can catch them. That nuclear banjo flaming through “Let Me Fall” alone will kick your caboose even without its three wingmen pitching in their own organic burn. But speed is not at all what sells this debut. Honesty is. Because you can’t get more honest than Herb Pedersen (the marquis name with ties to The Dillards, Old & In the Grey) and the boys fanning out tales of bandits and trains and those pearly gates from mandolins and fiddles. Or harmonizing like turtledoves over great old songs by the Louvin Brothers, Charlie Poole and A.P. Carter – all godheads in the hillbilly pantheon. The truth is what cleanses Hank Williams’ “May You Never Be Alone” of its honky-tonk ways, revealing newfound staggering beauty in the grand-weeper-turned-hymn.”
-Dennis Rozanski, BluesRag

"Everything here is played with spirit and authority, making this one of the neatest new albums of the year."
County Sales newsletter

"A great album from some old pros. If you like cool, confident, no-muss, no-fuss traditional bluegrass music, you'll dig this gloriously relaxed session from the top-flight Loafer's Glory ensemble, featuring singer Herb Pedersen and his longtime collaborator, bassist Bill Bryson, along with their pals, Tom and Patrick Sauber, all long-time veterans of the bluegrass and twang scenes. This is a sweet, low-key set packed with old favorites and flawless harmonies and picking... The ensemble vocals remind me of the Osborne Brothers in their mellower moments -- I'm sure you'll find favorable comparisons as well. This is truegrass the way I like it, tapping into the music's inherent soulfulness rather than the drag-racing side of things. Recommended!"
-DJ Joe Sixpack, Slipcue Guide To Country Music