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Blue Sky Boys - Presenting the Blue Sky Boys

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CD 9063

Original 1965 recordings from the legendary Blue Sky Boys. Classic country brother duets. Previously released on LP in 1976 by the John Edwards Memorial Foundation, appearing now for the first time on CD.

The 30 page booklet that came with the J.E.M.F. LP release is embedded in the CD, accessible on computer. You can also download the original booklet for free here.

Throughout the history of country music, there have been only a handful of acts which have possessed a unique and unforgettable style - whose music has a certain “sound” which pervades all their material and becomes their trademark. Among those in this class are the Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers, Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys, and two brothers from North Carolina - Bill and Earl Bolick. Born in Hickory, NC (Bill in 1917 and Earl in 1919), the Bolicks began performing while still in their teens. While there were many “brother duets” in country music at the time, Bill and Earl stood out with a style that was all their own. Their superb duet singing, supported by Earl’s solid guitar work and Bill’s unique ability to provide a third harmony part on the mandolin, produced the unmistakable “Blue Sky Boys sound.”
-from the liner notes to the original LP by Paul F. Wells

Track Listing:

1. Corrina Corrina
2. Wild and Reckless Hobo
3. Midnight Special
4. Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet
5. Poor Boy
6. Oh Those Tombs
7. I Don't Want Your Greenback Dollar
8. Jack O'Diamonds
9. The Unquiet Grave
10. Cotton Mill Colic
11. Oh Marry in Time
12. Will the Circle Be Unbroken