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Wade Fruge - Old Style Cajun Music

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CD 476

Old time fiddler, Wade Frugé's, first and important recording for fans of rare, traditional fiddle music showcases his contagious early days style. Covering traditional Cajun standards as well as tunes he learned from his grandfather, Mr. Frugé includes some wailing blues numbers he picked up from black fiddlers in his native Louisiana. Joined by the powerful singer and drummer, Vorance Barzas, and Cajun mainstays, Ann and Marc Savoy, this re-issue of Arhoolie LP 5044 includes previously unissued fiddle solo recordings with Mr. Savoy on guitar.

1. 'Tit Mamou
2. La Valse De Choupique
3. La Vieille Chanson De Mardi Gras
4. Port Arthur Blues
5. La Valse De Bayou Teche
6. You Used To Have Some
7. La Valse Criminel
8. Grandfather's Tune
9. La Vals A Wade Fruge (1) (Je Va's Mourir)
10. Evangeline Playboy Special
11. The Crowley Waltz
12. Galope
13. The Milk Cow Is Dead
14. Wade's Blues (The Chill Of A Saturday Afternoon) (Frissons D'un Samedi Apres Midi) (1)
15. Catch My Hat (Trappe Mon Chapeau)
16. La Vals De Grand Bois
17. Viens Me Chercher
18. Chere 'Tite Fille
19. Orphan Waltz
20. Cemetery Waltz
21. Fond De Culotte, Nonc Adam
22. Gumbo Waltz
23. The Chill Of A Saturday Afternoon (Frissons D'un Samedi Apres Midi) (Wade's Blues) (2)
24. La Vals A Wade Fruge (2) (Fruge's Waltz) (Je Va's Mourir)
25. Fruge's Waltz (La Vals A Wade Fruge) (3) (Je Va's Mourir)


“... one of Cajun music's most soulful, articulate fiddlers, an old-timey master of delicate grace notes, piercing chords and a rocking bow action that alternated between treble and bass.... He was never a professional dancehall musician, but as this recording shows, he played with brilliant technique solely for house parties.”

-Dan Willging, Rootsworld