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Magnolia Sisters - Love's Lies

CAT. #: 549

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GRAMMY NOMINATED: in Best Regional Roots Music Album category

CD 549

The Magnolia Sisters is a band of women who can play the whole gamut of musical styles from southwest Louisiana: Cajun, Creole, dancehall favorites, and front porch ballads. While these older songs are the more unusual aspect of their sound, they also love to play energetic Cajun dancehall and Creole numbers that bring the audience to their feet. Whatever style they approach, they bring a freshness and vitality to the music.

Ann Savoy, Jane Vidrine, Anya Burgess, and Lisa Trahan each bring their own rich individual experience as a Louisiana musician, mother, and woman in the real
world. The common ground is the music, the heritage, and the feeling that comes across.

Love’s Lies is the Magnolia Sisters’ third release on Arhoolie Records. Their previous album, Stripped Down, was nominated for a Grammy for Best Cajun/Zydeco Album.

1. La bonne vie (The Good Life)
2. Est-ce que tu penses jamais a moi? (Do You Ever Think of Me?)
3. Le deserteur (The Deserter)
4. Je va's jamais oublier (I'll Never Forget You)
5. Malinda
6. Les clos de coton (The Cotton Fields)
7. En route chez moi (Going Home)
8. Arretes-pas la musique (Don't Stop the Music)
9. Oublies-moi jamais (Never Forget Me)
10. Par derriere chez mon pere (Behind My Father's House)
11. La Valse du Grand Bois (Waltz of the Longwoods)
12. Hot Stuff