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Clifton Chenier - The King Of Zydeco Live At Montreux, Switzerland

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CD 355

Clifton Chenier — accordion & vocals; Cleveland Chenier — rubboard; Robert St. Judy — drums; Joe Morris — bass; and Paul Senegal — bass.

Most of the 1975 concert in Switzerland. Includes all of ARH 1086 plus 10 additional selections.

1. Jambalaya
2. You're Fussin' Too Much
3. Clifton's Boogie Woogie
4. Hey, Tite Fille
5. Cher Catin
6. Zydeco Sont Pas Sale
7. Je Marche Le Plancher
8. Release Me
9. I'm A Hog For You
10. Louisiana Two Step
11. Black Gal
12. Money
13. I'm On The Wonder
14. Woo Woo
15. Hush, Hush
16. Calinda


“`Live' is the original LP (Arhoolie 1086), plus six more cuts from the same occasion (which have appeared on Tomato and Charly double albums). These were recorded around the same time as the Bogalusa set, with the same band, minus saxman John Hart, and while they lack the careful production of the studio session (the mixing of the instruments sometimes leaves something to be desired), they pretty well make up for it in the excitement of the live occasion and the sense of adrenaline and sheer enjoyment that Chenier displays throughout.”

(Ray Templeton — Blues & Rhythm)