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Clifton Chenier - Sings The Blues

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CD 9041

Clifton Chenier came out of the French-Creole culture of Southwest Louisiana and put Zydeco music on the world's map of musical delights. Today Clifton is still considered the undisputed King of ZYDECO which is a marvelous mixture of Afro-American rhythms and singing drenched with Cajun waltzes and two-steps with the accordion out front leading the celebration. The Blues are an important and essential element of the original Zydeco and Clifton Chenier was one of the very best blues singers with an expressive strong voice and an inventive, jazzy, improvising accordion style.

1. Ain't No Need Of Cryin'
2. Rosemary
3. Brown Skinned Woman
4. Done Got Over
5. Gone A La Maison
6. Me And My Chauffeur Blues
7. My Little Angel
8. Paper In My Shoe
9. Blues After Hours
10. Trouble In Mind
11. In The Mood
12. Worried Life Blues


“After 35 years, the magic is still spellbinding.  From hauntingly slow ‘Ain’t No Need of Cryin’’ to more chilling bump-and-grinders, ‘Brown Skinned Woman’ and ‘My Little Angel,’ Chenier stages a monumental, spine-tingling performance that’s only fitting for an undisputed king of zydeco.  Like the title suggests, blues, Creole French and English sung, is what’s basically on tap here.  Yet, in between blood-curdling yowls, dazzling finger work and a primal delivery that hasn’t been matched since, Chenier touches upon related idioms as well.  There’s a rompin’ rendition of Fats Domino’s ‘Rosemary,’ an instrumentally boppin’ ‘Done Got Over’ and a one-man big band swing on ‘In the Mood.”  While he’s flanked by guitar, bass and drums, this could have easily been a solo outing given the larger-than-life presence exuded here.”

– Dan Willging, offBEAT