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Cajun String Bands: The 1930s - Various Artists

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CD 7014

This CD brings you some very rare cajun fiddle records from the 1930s - when western swing was beginning to make waves even in southwest Louisiana. Much of the CD is given to the wonderful traditional fiddler J.B. Fuselier who was generally overshadowed by the less traditional Leo Soileau and Luderin Darbone - both of whom are also heard here with their brands of Cajun string band music.

1. Ma Jolie Petite Fille - Leo Soileau & His Aces
2. La Bonne Valse - Leo Soileau & His Aces
3. La Blues De Port Arthur - Leo Soileau & His Aces
4. Quand Je Suis Bleu - Leo Soileau & His Aces
5. Chere Tu Tu - J.B. Fuselier/Miller's Merrymakers
6. Round-Up Hop - J.B. Fuselier/Miller's Merrymakers
7. Anna Mae Waltz - J.B. Fuselier/Miller's Merrymakers
8. Cajun Breakdown - J.B. Fuselier/Miller's Merrymakers
9. Ma Julie Noir So - J.B. Fuselier/Miller's Merrymakers
10. Redell Breakdown - J.B. Fuselier/His Merrymakers
11. Ma Chere Basett - J.B. Fuselier/His Merrymakers
12. Ponce A Moir - J.B. Fuselier/His Merrymakers
13. Elton Two-Step - J.B. Fuselier/Miller's Merrymakers
14. La Valse De Rebot - J.B. Fuselier/His Merrymakers
15. Gueydan Two-Step - J.B. Fuselier/His Merrymakers
16. Pourquoi Que Tu Laise Moi - Clifford Breaux
17. Continuez De Sonner - Clifford Breaux
18. Dixie's Hottest (High Society) - Dixie Ramblers
19. Ma Chere Belle - Luderin Darbone & The Hackberry Ramblers
20. Shreve Breakdown - Luderin Darbone & The Hackberry Ramblers
21. Rambling - Luderin Darbone & The Hackberry Ramblers
22. Oh Josephine, My Josephine - Luderin Darbone & The Hackberry Ramblers
23. Se Pas La Pan - Luderin Darbone & The Hackberry Ramblers
24. French Two-Step - Luderin Darbone & The Hackberry Ramblers
25. My Little Girl - Luderin Darbone & The Hackberry Ramblers


“The Arhoolie compilation, subtitled The 1930s: Cajun Breakdown, features bands of the period when Cajun music was heavily influenced by swing, and the accordeon more or less ousted by fiddles. The Hackberry Ramblers, perhaps the best-known, are represented here by seven rare cuts from 78s, ranging from Cajun tunes to a jazzy 12-bar like Rambling, complete with yodels, fiddler Luderin Darbone turning in some neat slip-slidin' solos that wouldn't disgrace a Bob Wills record. Leo Soileau, another popular fiddler of the era, adds swing flavour to four French-language tracks, with pleasingly eccentric percussion backing. The 11 tracks from J.B. Fusselier, however, show off the most powerful fiddling, with a really cutting tone, heavy double-stopping and some shrieking forays up the neck; an object lesson in style for any would-be Cajun fiddle hero. Fuselier's a good singer, too, with an exciting edge of wild abandonment. An enjoyable blast from the past.”

(Brian Peters — Folk Roots)