LPs - Cajun & Zydeco

People are interested in vinyl again and we have original vinyl records from the LP and 45 era. These are not recent re-makes, but stock that has been sitting in our warehouse for 20 years. They are all new and the LPs come in the original shrink wrap.

These LPs were discontinued years ago and we have limited quantities. They are available on a first come, first serve basis and the prices are subject to change without notice. Get 'em while you can!

We are scanning them as fast as we can, but some do not yet have images. Please note that if there is an image up, you can view the front and the back with all the song titles and information.

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Folksongs Of The Louisiana Acadians Vol. 1 - Various Artists

CAT. #: LP5009

Price: $35.00

Folksongs Of The Louisiana Acadians Vol. 2 - Various Artists

CAT. #: LP5015

Price: $14.98

Hackberry Ramblers - Louisiana Cajun Music

CAT. #: LP5003

Price: $35.00

Harry Choates - Fiddle King Of Cajun Swing

CAT. #: LP5027

Price: $20.00

Joseph Falcon - Live At A Cajun Dance

CAT. #: LP5005

Price: $20.00

Leo Soileau: Louisiana Cajun Music Vol. 7

CAT. #: LPOT125

Price: $20.00

Louisiana Cajun Music 2 The Early Thirties - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPOT109

Price: $35.00

Louisiana Cajun Music I First Recordings - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPOT108

Price: $35.00

Louisiana Cajun Music Iv From The 30s To The 50s - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPOT111

Price: $20.00

Louisiana Cajun Music Vol. 5: 1928-1938 - Various Artists

CAT. #: LPOT114

Price: $35.00

M. Doucet, D. Poullard, A. Senauke: - Cajun Jam Session

CAT. #: LP5035

Price: $14.98

Marc Savoy - Oh, What A Night!

CAT. #: LP5023

Price: $14.98

Michael Doucet & Beausoleil: - Parlez-Nous A Boire

CAT. #: LP5034

Price: $14.98

Michael Doucet - Dit Beausoleil

CAT. #: LP5025

Price: $14.98

Nathan Abshire Etc. - Cajun Fais Do Do

CAT. #: LP5004

Price: $20.00

Octa Clark & Hector Duhon - Old Time Cajun Music

CAT. #: LP5026

Price: $20.00

Pioneers Of Cajun Accordion - Louisiana Cajun Music Vol. 9

CAT. #: LPOT128

Price: $20.00

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Home Music

CAT. #: LP5029

Price: $35.00

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - With Spirits

CAT. #: LP5037

Price: $20.00

Wade Fruge - Old Style Cajun Music

CAT. #: LP5044

Price: $14.99