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Beausoleil with Canray Fontenot - Allons A Lafayette & More!

CAT. #: 308

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CD 308

Michael Doucet with Beausoleil and featuring guest star Creole fiddler Canray Fontenot on four selections (#s 8, & 11-13).

(#13 previously unreleased. Includes all of ARH LP 5036 & several more cuts from LP 5025.)

1. Allons A Lafayette
2. Tous Les Deux Pour La Meme
3. Pauvre Hobo
4. Mon Vieux Wagon
5. La Jolie Blonde
6. Johnny Can't Dance
7. J'ai Ete Au Zydeco
8. Les Blues A Canray
9. J'ai Marie Un Ouvrier
10. La Valse Du Vacher
11. La Table Ronde
12. Shoo, Black
13. Canray's Breakdown
14. Donnez Moi Pauline
15. Two Step A Will Balfa
16. La Valse Des Jonglemonts
17. Le Bal A Chataignier


“The famous Louisiana smoothie - the Creole violin - assures deep expression in these traditional Cajun songs. Beausoleil lets you feel comfortable within the relaxed intricacy and good humoredness of this music. It's a sunny day attitude with a touch of defiance that perpetuated this musicperfect for dancing in the mind's eye over wood floors, past kind faces, in the environs of fields and marshes of Southern Louisiana. The French language of these lyrics provides a welcome ambiguity of content for jaded American ears. And that helps to release a satisfying inquisitive feeling toward a musical environment which is initially familiarin this case a relaxed bluegrassy lilting country folk music. The cultural integrity produces an edge that is touching and inspiring, whether it's the poignant `La Valse Du Vacher' (Cowboy Waltz) or the comfortably rollicking `Canray's Break-down' with its unusual intonations.”

(Brian Wallace — Sound Choice)