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15 Louisiana Zydeco Classics - Various Artists

CAT. #: 105

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CD 105

Arhoolie's American masters is a mid-line sampler series culled from our full price CDs. Each CD features the best known artists of a particular musical genre. Inside the booklet each song is referenced to the CD it originally came from, with a photo mini of that CD cover and a listing of the artist's other Arhoolie CDs.

1. Zydeco Sont Pas Sale - Clifton Chenier
2. Lafayette Special - Sam Brothers 5
3. Rag Around Your Head - John Delafose
4. Old Time Zydeco - Ambrose Sam
5. I'm Coming Home - C.J. Chenier
6. Les Blues Du Voyageur - Alphonse "Bois Sec" Ardoin (with Canray Fontenot)
7. Tante Na-Na - Preston Frank's Swallow Band
8. I'm On A Wonder - Clifton Chenier
9. Cofair - Lawrence "Black" Ardoin
10. Aimez-Moi Ce Soir - Amede Ardoin
11. Oh, Negresse - John Delafose
12. Lafayette Zydeco - Peter King & Lester Herbert
13. Bee Da La Manche - Canray Fontenot
14. She's My Woman - C.J. Chenier
15. Je Me Reveiller Le Matin - Clifton Chenier


“Zydeco resembles much of Louisiana's cuisine: a peppery amalgam of bold flavors. Accordion-driven, this music's mix of Cajun dance rhythms cross-fertilized with R&B electric guitar sounds fairly chaotic at its very best. It doesn't get any better than this: the sounds of Zydeco's founder Clifton Chenier, his son C.J., and others, recklessly exemplifying a swampy, sultry, upbeat sensibility. A supremely satisfying soundtrack for any wildly festive occasion.”

(Norman Weinstein — The Christian Science Monitor)