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Mance Lipscomb - Live! - At The Cabale

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CD 482

Presented before a live audience is Mance Lipscomb, Texas songster, blues guitarist, share-cropper, gentleman, and carrier of a remarkably rich rural African American heritage. Here is his amazingly wide repertoire: ranging from powerful topical protest ballads like "Tom Moore" to spirituals, children's songs, old pop songs, blues, boogies and stories.
Recorded in 1964 & 1972.
1. Baby Don't You Lay It On Me
2. Meet Me In The Bottom
3. You Gonna Miss Me
4. Keep On Truckin'
5. Trouble In Mind
6. Tom Moore Blues
7. Mance's Short Haired Woman
8. Tra-La-Ra-La Doodle All Day
9. Shine On Harvest Moon
10. Run Sinner, Run
11. Key To The Highway
12. Rock Me Mama
13. Wonder Where My Easy Rider Done Gone
14. Late Night Blues & Boogie Woogie
15. Early Days Back Home
16. Cocaine Done Killed My Baby
17. I Wonder Why
18. It Ain't Gonna Rain No More
19. You Gonna Quit Me Baby
20. When The Saints Go Marching In
21. Mother Had A Sick Child 
“...I acknowledge that this must make it seem like Lipscomb is little more than a human jukebox, but you need to hear it to see the way it all comes up sounding just like all his own work - the mark of a true artist. The common factor - as well as a fine, rich singing voice - is his quite brilliant guitar plauing, a country fingerstyle that combined dexterity with a great sense of swing.... An excellent showcase of the work of one of the great blues songsters.”

(Ray Templeton — Blues & Rhythm)