CDs - Imported Blues

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Various Artists - Territory Artists, Vol. 1 (1922-1928)

CAT. #: CDDOC5470


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5470 Roberta Dudley, Ruth Lee, Missouri Anderson,Arah “Baby” Moore, Ben Norsingle, Emma Wright

Various Artists - St. Louis Girls, 1927-1934

CAT. #: CDDOC5182


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5182 Katherine Baker, Lizzie Washington, Johnnie Strauss

Various Artists - SinginÂ’ The Gospel 1933-1946

CAT. #: CDDOC5326


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5326 Edr. Lightfoot Solomon Michaux, Eld. O.Sanders, & more.

Various Artists - Secular Vocal Groups, Vol. 4

CAT. #: CDDOC5615


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5615 1926-1947, Umbrian Glee Club, The Almanac Singers, Five Red Caps, & The Five Blazes

Various Artists - Rare 1920s Blues & Jazz

CAT. #: CDDOC5612


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5612 Viola McCoy, Sam Manning, Sammie Lewis, Willie Lewis, & more

Various Artists - Preachers & Congregations, Vol. 2

CAT. #: CDDOC5530


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5530 1926-1941, Rev. W.M. Chambers, Frank Cotton, Deacon Leon Davis

Various Artists - Piano Blues, Vol. 6

CAT. #: CDDOC5645


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5645 1933-1938, WhistilinÂ’ Rufus, Earl Thomas, Ben Abney, Curtis Henry, St. Louis Red, Mike Bailey.

Various Artists - Piano Blues

CAT. #: CDDOC5337


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5337 Vol. 5 (1929-1936)

Various Artists - Negro Religious Field Recordings, Vol. 2

CAT. #: CDDOC5629


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5629 c.1924-1941, from SC, MI & TX

Various Artists - Jazzin' the Blues, Vol.4

CAT. #: CDDOC5611


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5611 1929-1943, Phil Pavey, Willie Lewis, Edgewater Crows, Corney Allen Geier, & more

Various Artists - Jazzin' the Blues

CAT. #: CDDOC1019


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC1019 1943-1952, The Remaining Titles of Ada Brown, Ruby Smith, Alberta Price, Chippie Hill, Lizzie Miles

Various Artists - Jazz & Blues Piano, Vol. 2

CAT. #: CDDOC5662


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5662 1924-1947, Everett Robbins, Jimmy Blythe, Fred Longshaw, Maude Mills, Clarence Williams, Mike Jackson, Fats Waller,... More

Various Artists - Great Boogie Woogie News

CAT. #: CDDOC7001


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC7001 Rank Muschalle, Martin Pyrker, Tibor Grasser,Daniel Gugolz, Peter MullerNew recordings of European piano players

Various Artists - Female Blues Singers, Vol. 2: B

CAT. #: CDDOC5506


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5506 1923-1928, Baby Benbow, Glory Bernard,Flo Bert, Mary H.Bradford, Florence Bristol, and Lil and Will Brown

Various Artists - Female Blues Singers Vol. 8

CAT. #: CDDOC5512


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5512 1923-1928, Josie Harley, Lillian Harris, Sister Harris, Alma Henderson, Clara Herring

Various Artists - Female Blues Singers Vol. 7

CAT. #: CDDOC5511


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5511 1922-1929, Fannie Mae Goosby,Christina Gray, Ruth Green, Marie Grinter, Helen Gross, Katherine Handy

Various Artists - Female Blues Singers Vol. 6

CAT. #: CDDOC5510


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5510 1922-1928, Dorothy Everetts, Madam Hurd Fairfax, Miss Frankie, Hattie Garland, Cry Babyl Godfrey, Lillian Goodner,... More

Various Artists - Female Blues Singers Vol. 5

CAT. #: CDDOC5509


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5509 1921-1928, Ruth Coleman, Henryette Davis, Madlyn Davis, Louise De Vant, Jessie Derrick, Dorothy Dodd, Maureen Englin

Various Artists - Female Blues Singers Vol. 14: S/T/U/W/Y/Z

CAT. #: CDDOC5518


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5518 1923-1932, Helen Savage, Clementine Smith, Edna Taylor, Georgia Taylor, Unknown Artist, Kitty Waters, Florence... More

Various Artists - Earliest Negro Vocal Groups Vol. 3

CAT. #: CDDOC5355


Document Records Compact Disc-CDDOC5355 1921-1924