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The Uncensored Folk Music of Austria - Various Artists

CAT. #: 454


Why would a CD called the Folk Music of Austria, with a cover photo of three older Austrian gentlemen playing a clarinet, an accordion and a hammered dulcimer have a Parental Advisory - Explicit Content sticker on it? Why is it called the Uncensored Folk Music of Austria? What's going on here?

Corridos y Tragedias de la Frontera - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7019


2-CD set with 164-page booklet.

This historic double CD collection from “The Golden Era of the Recorded Corrido: 1928-1937” presents twenty seven examples of the Mexican Border Ballad tradition. These commercially recorded story songs document and chronicle celebrated heroes and events as well as minor fictional characters and folk tales. 

Lamento Borincano - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7037


This is a superbly edited and remastered 2 CD collection of early Puerto Rican music, featuring 50 selections played by 20 different groups. From the thrilling horn arrangements to delicate string ensembles, the Carribean rhythms and lilting melodies will please any fan of good music.

56 page book with many lyrics and translations and notes about the songs and musicians.

Tamburitza! - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7051


Hot String Band Music, from the Balkans to America: 1910-1950.

An extensive TWO CD collection of hot Balkan string band music as it traveled from its origins to the USA, where most of these 78s were recorded, between 1910 and 1950. This unique string band music features amazing virtuoso playing by the top musicians who defined the genre. Special price two CD set with a 40 page booklet containing detailed notes.

"They All Played For Us" Arhoolie Records' 50th Anniversary Celebration - Book and 4 CD set

CAT. #: 540


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The Mexican Revolution - Various Artists

CAT. #: 7041


Corridos about the Heroes and Events, 1910-1920 and Beyond!
4 CD set with 180 page book

The Mexican Revolution had a profound effect on every aspect of Mexican life and culture. This four CD set of historic corridos (ballads) provides a comprehensive overview of the events and key figures of the Mexican Revolution during this pivotal time in the Mexican Republic as sung by popular singers who recorded these renditions between 1904 and 1974 in both the United States and Mexico. 

Hear Me Howling! Book and 4 CD set - Various Artists

CAT. #: 518


CD 518 A-D Grammy Winner for  Best Album Notes — Adam Machado   Special Grammy Winning Sale $ 44.95 (That's $10.00 off... More

Arhoolie 40th Anniversary Box Set - Various Artists

CAT. #: 491


This 5 Compact Disc, Grammy winning set of 106 songs, by 96 artists clocks in at over 6 hours, all recorded by our President and founder Chris Strachwitz. It comes in a large format 12 x 12 inch box. Inside, we put together a big 68 page color book, filled with over 120 photos from the Arhoolie Archives, and a 41,000 word history of Arhoolie Records by music writer Elijah Wald. Each song has it's own description detailing Chris' fascinating journey through America's musical landscape. This is 40+ years of authentic, raw, down home roots music, all in one amazing package.